Safe and Sound

For those of you who have seen the media coverage of the flooding in Oklahoma City today — We are in no danger.  The heavy rains and flooding are in the north Oklahoma City area and we are about 20 miles south of Oklahoma City.  We have had a thunderstorm or two, but no flooding here.


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6 Responses to Safe and Sound

  1. noodle says:

    good to know you’re okay.
    i’ve been worried about our cheezefrendz in arkansas and oklahoma and texas too.
    everyone be careful and stay safe and dry.

  2. Lois Ford says:

    Glad to hear you are not in the flooded area in Oklahoma City. Also good to hear that Richard is doing much better. Stay safe and keep getting better.

  3. catena says:

    Glad to hear it! Stay dry!

  4. Upfi says:

    U wants a shamwow? Just in case? *snicker*

    Oh, and iffn u be in OK, why not visit CollegeKitteh and Alyssa???

  5. JanetCanHas4Kittehs says:

    Ai wuz werrreied!! So ai caem heer to see if yoo were awl rite. 😉 Happee to see yoo AND Richard ar both fine!!

    Ai had sumthing a littlol egg sighting. Do yoo remember – awn mai big birthday party in 08 (sounds laik an eternity ago) – ai had to leaf suddendlee becuz of teh tornado warning??? It happened again!! Awn mai burfday – just befoar midnite. But THIS taim – it reelee WUZ a tornado. Bout 4 myols south ov mai haus! An a herd it. But ai dint noe waht it wuz. Suddenlee, ai herd thunder to the south – but it dint stop – just kept going. Ai wuz thinking – Waht awn erth can THAT bee?? Never herd enething laik that befoar.
    An then, teh neggst day – awl wuz reveeled! 😉 Lotz of tree an bilding damij, but no wun wuz hurt.

  6. paws4thot says:

    Ah nawt ebin noze bout teh fludz & tornaydoz!


    Ah haz had a dedded hard disk, & haz losted sum peeplz’ e-mayos, so ib U haz myn, kood U sent mii an e-mayo, ebin jst a 1-lynir so ah kan rebild mah pursonal e-mayos list PLZKTHXBAI?

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