At Last!

After a 2 month delay, we will be leaving Oklahoma tomorrow morning.  Richard has recovered from his hospitalization and pacemaker installation and is feeling much better.   He had a doctor visit this morning and got the green light to return to a normal life.



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7 Responses to At Last!

  1. Streakercat says:

    This is indeed very good news! Here is hoping for the wind to be at your back as you sail away to other destinations. 🙂

  2. Upfi says:

    Ai has a happi for Richard and u! Hope it is all plain sailing from now. Have a safe journey!

  3. catena says:

    So happy for you both!!

  4. poussinboi says:

    It’s your bus ticket out of there 😉 !!
    Such a relief, I bet 🙂

  5. uniquekitty says:

    Hiphiphooray for Richard’s green light!!!!
    {{{cweenmj and Richard}}}


  6. krelm says:

    the best news ever!!!

  7. kitkay says:

    whut a relief that Richard has pulled through everything and come out rite again. Thumbs up!!!! Neckst time you are in OK, maybe we can get togevver. Wii awl haff bin to bizzy keeping teh dockters bizzy lately.

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