Red Wing

We made it!  We arrived in Red Wing this morning around 10:15.  Well, technically, we are in Hager City, Wisconsin. We got drizzled on again this morning, and it stayed cloudy all day.  The sun just came out about 7:30 this evening.

The campground faces Red Wing across the Mississippi River.  Our campsite is downstream from the Highway 63 bridge which passes over the middle of the campground.  The campground is nestled in a forest of hardwoods, with birdsong drowning out the noise of the traffic on the bridge. We parked our motorhome facing the river so we can look out our front windows and watch the boats going up and down the river.

It took forever to get the satelite tv dish set up — too many trees.  Finally got it tuned in by setting it nearly in the river!  I hope the water doesn’t rise.  🙄

So far, we like our new summer home.


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8 Responses to Red Wing

  1. poussinboi says:

    I hope it’s quiet enough for you with the highway being close. It does sound nice to have a river view and the bird-life. Enjoy and relax. :smle:

  2. Jenni says:

    You probably watch too much TV anyway. 😛

  3. paws4thot says:

    Why did they name a place after Dick Grayson’s new superhero name after he split from Batman?

    • cweenmj says:

      Well, actually, it is named after an indian Chief:
      On September18,1805, Col. Zebulon M. Pike, a United States Army officer, landed here and held a conference with the old Indian Chief who was called Hupahuduta (meaning “a swan’s wing dyed in red” which he carried as an emblem of his chieftaincy).

  4. JanetCanHas4Kittehs says:

    I’ve found the answer to my own question! It does indeed look very pretty!

    Technically in Wisconsin . . . I should have looked at your travel map while I was there.
    Are we going to have a picnic there?? 😉

    And I never cease to marvel that Paws4Thot always knows everything there is to know about – almost anything! 😉

    • paws4thot says:

      Tank U but nawt ebreefing; jst neerlee.

      Oh and ah haz losted UR Emayo doo 2 deaded HD! 😦

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