Friday Not-So-Fun

This evening we got attacked by thunderstorms.  😯 It rained so hard our satellite TV reception pooped out.  And we are too far from any regular TV stations to pick them up with our regular antenna.  Then the tornado sirens went off. 😯 Richard turned on the weather radio and there was a tornado warning for Hager City, which is just 2 miles away.  But no real tornado developed.  The river was rising, and since we couldn’t get any reception anyway, I picked up the antenna and brought it up near the motorhome so it won’t wash away overnight.   We’ll put it out again in the morning, this time not quite so close to the River.  😉

So here we sit listening to the rain rattling on our roof.


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2 Responses to Friday Not-So-Fun

  1. Griffyn says:

    Are you SURE you wanna summer in the Mississippi River? 😉

    Glad you’re safe!

  2. poussinboi says:

    After all that rain you should have cleaner reception 😉

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