Here he is, all curled up on the rug.  Bud made himself right at home when i brought him in.  He ate 3 slices of baloney right away.  Then I went to Wal-Mart and got him a bunch of kitty necessities…… crunchee foods, gushifudz, litter box, etc.  He ate and ate and ate and ate last night.  I only let him have one handful of food every hour or so to keep his tummy from getting upset after being on a starvation diet for who knows how long.

Aren’t the freckles on his nose cute?


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11 Responses to Bud

  1. OnleeKitteh says:

    SKWEEEE! He’z sooo cute. He knows where he belongs dats fur sure.
    *long life Bud*

  2. lunarmommy says:

    ooh, wut a pritty boi! we can calling him prince bud? himz going to be treeted like a prince, for shur!

  3. KittyRoo says:

    Dat is wun kyewt kitteh! He fownded hisself a guud hoam fur sure!

  4. noodle says:

    himz lukz jus like hour boi cat p.j.
    veri kleen eerz an fur. budz rite at home.

  5. grmawgs says:

    Wut a swete fais. He lukz so happines tu be hoam.

  6. TJsmommy says:

    OMCC!! hemz amz sew kyooot!!

  7. OzcatMum says:

    What a gorgeous boy!! He is very beautiful. Lucky boy to have two new humans to love him.

  8. Streakercat says:

    What a sweetheart! Congratulations on your new boy…may you have many years of joy with him.

  9. valharms says:

    Aw, iz bery saweet lukin boi. Iz serindipty!! We can has moar pics laturs weh Bud iz nawt slieping?

  10. Upfi says:

    Squeeee!!!! He is soooo cyooooot!!! Prince Bud! A budding Prince! Aw, heck, just teh sweetest orinj boy EBBER!!! Ai has such a big happi u got an urly burfday present!

    I am back from my holiday and have read ur mails. I totally agree wif wot u said and did. Ai lubs u very much. U is a wunnermus purrson.

    Ai am ketching up on all the things I missed and will mail u when I’m done.

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