New Friend

We got a cat yesterday.  A stray appeared at the office when I was up there getting ice for our cooler.  They didn’t have anything to feed the poor guy so I said I would take him home and feed him.

He is a very sweet and  gentle orange tabby. He was very hungry.  Hi wasn’t down to skin and bones, but he has definitely been on his own for a while.  He doesn’t seem to have fleas or earmites or any wounds.   I have made an appointment with a local vet for him to get  a checkup, shots and neutored next week.

Amazingly, he not only accepted the collar, but puts up no fuss about getting a harness and leash put on to go outside!  He is just too sweet to be real!   Richard has named him Bud.


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5 Responses to New Friend

  1. TJsmommy says:

    That is so awesome!! Any pictures yet? I can’t wait to see him.

  2. catena says:

    The cween knee did eh kitteh; the kitteh knee did himz cween!

  3. noodle says:

    pctures pleeze!
    orange… purfect.

  4. Romeow says:

    Oh mah Cween, I cudn’t be happier fur u! Congratulations on your new kitteh!!! Dis Bud’s fur YOU!

    It’s so grate to heer ov a homeless kitteh dat reely needed teh help, find someone so gud dat wud gibs him alla halp dat he needed. Hao wunnerful dat u cud taek in dis gentle and lubbing sole. I can’t wait to heer how his life unfolds and intertwines wif urs. Oh, I juss SO happeh fur boff of u. A mostest wunnerful change fur boff ov ur lives!

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