Friday the 13th

Yes, it is.

I knew it when the cat stomped on my face at 3:22 am.

The tornado siren at 4 am served as a not-so-gentle reminder.  We scrambled for the car keys and I grabbed my purse and we scuttled out the door amid lightning flashes.  But not before the cat squeezed out between our legs and disapeared into the woods.  We gathered with a handful of other campers in their pj or shorts in the Mens room of the cement block washroom building.  We hung out there for about 10 minutes, until well after the siren quit.

The thunderstorm extended well upstream.  The river rose.  We checked the river level forecast ( red wing river guage )  and saw that it will rise another three or four feet — back up to where it was when we got here in June. 😯 So we hauled our boat further up the beach and tied it to a tree.  Then we moved the satellite dish back to where it was a few weeks ago.  We had a hard time getting it to adjust elevation, so we brought it into the house for major surgery.  We opened it up, found out how to adjust the elevation motor, made the adjustment and put it all back together.  Only took us a couple of hours from the time we started until we finally had a tv signal again.  Of course, we did stop for lunch. 😉

Bud came back home for lunch, too.  But he really didn’t want to stick around.  We are going to let him decide if he wants to be our cat.  If I can capture him Monday night, he will stay in, like it or not, and go to the vet on Tuesday morning for his neutering.  I’m hoping that once neutered he will be wanting a home and settle in.  But if not, I am not going to force him to stay in and have him tear the place apart.  Perhaps he was feral longer than I thought.


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3 Responses to Friday the 13th

  1. poussinboi says:

    What an adventurous day. I’m glad you weren’t blown away or your motor-home damaged. If you can walk Bud on a leash there is hope for him yet 🙂 .

  2. Upfi says:

    😦 Oh noes. Wot a carpy Friedegg. Bud, don’t run away from these hoomins! They will be ur faithful slaves forebber!

  3. Griffyn says:

    Possum was a wild feral too, eating dried corn from beneath the bird feeder one winter… and you know how that story played out… good luck with your feral adoption. 😉

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