What’s Up?

We have been having fun.  Last weekend we went to a tractor pull in Nelson and and a horse pull in Alma.

The tractor pull uses a trailer with a sliding weight that makes the trailer harder to pull the further it is pulled. Whoever pulls it the farthest wins.

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The horse pull uses a sled that is loaded with weights and each team take a turn pulling it for a maximum distance of 28 feet.  If more than one team pulls the max distance, more weight (500 or 1000 pounds) is added and they pull again.  This repeats until one team pulls the greatest weight farther than any other.  The horse pull was a lot quieter than the tractor pull. 😉

The weather has cooled some.  I have noticed that the trees are already starting to show a hint of yellow.  It was down to 57 last night.  Fall can’t be too far away.  We got some grass seed and scattered it on our rocky yard.  Now all we have to do is keep it watered for the next few weeks and see if any of it sprouts.

Bud has made himself at home.  He has a handful of toys that he pounces on, and a couple of favorite napping spots.  His fur is much sleeker now than when he first came to us.  And he has quit waking us up in the middle of the night.  Maybe at first he was afraid we had gone off and left him and was just checking to make sure we were still here and going to take care of him? Anyway, we are happy to have him with us, and he seems to be happy to be here.  😀


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3 Responses to What’s Up?

  1. Ann says:

    *scritches for Bud*

  2. poussinboi says:

    Magnificent horses, MJ. It’s good to know an event like this can pull a crowd 😉 . News on Bud is great news 😀

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