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We Moved

Well, it rained yesterday.  All day long. It made packing up all the outdoor stuff and putting it in the trailer just that much more fun. 😉  We left some of it for this morning, as we really didn’t want … Continue reading

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The road coming into our campground is projected to flood this weekend!!!! Here is the river level projection website.  Our road floods at 9 feet.,1,1,1,1,1 We will be packing up today and leaving today or tomorrow.  We had expected … Continue reading

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Bud’s Story

Last weekend we learned a little bit about Bud.  One of our neighbors, who knows lots of the people in our campground, told us she knew where he came from. A girl named Britt gave Bud, when he was a  … Continue reading

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Laura Days in Pepin

Yesterday we went to Laura Days in Pepin, Wisconsin.  Can you guess who Laura was?  I’ll give you a hint: her father was Charles and her mother was Caroline.  There were lots of crafts for sale, and canvas tents were … Continue reading

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The pelicans have stopped in on their way south for the winter.  They rest for a day or two on the little lake on our island, and then continue on. I saw them this morning and they were floating around … Continue reading

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