Cat Walking

Walking a cat is not the same as walking a dog.   That’s one of those “Well, duh” statements, isn’t it?

About the only similarity is that there is a human at one end of the leash and a quadruped at the other end.  The main objective is totally different.  To a cat, the object of the walk is not to find a tree to pee on.  Or to see how far or how fast they can go.

When the cat is out for a walk, he likes to move more slowly.  Pausing to get the scent of everything.  Stopping to sniff the grass; and the weeds; and the trees; and even the sand.  He looks around, watching the boats on the river, looking at the birds up in the trees, checking out the bugs crawling around.  And he likes to do a little grooming so he will look good to any passers by. But mostly, he just sits.

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9 Responses to Cat Walking

  1. OnleeKitteh says:

    Posing. Posing. Posing.
    “Donut ai look grate?”
    *him iz a beatumious kitteh*

  2. paws4thot says:

    He seems to have taken well to the harness.

    It reminds me of a Junior school friend of mine who got a cat and who’s mum insisted that when walking a cat you let the cat go where it wanted – cue mum standing on tip-toe at full stretch when said cat decided to climb a tree! :rofl:

  3. Upfi says:

    awwww … u is lucky u libs so far away from me, mai Cween. Cos iffn ai was anywhere near u, ai’d yoink taht byootee, and no mistake. I lubs Bud. Teh orinj wuns are teh bestest!!!

  4. Elka says:

    Buddy looks so healthy! You must be taking such good care of him. I love the slide show.

  5. Peg says:

    Bud looks lots better than the first pictures.. Amazing what a little food and love will do.. 🙂

  6. poussinboi says:

    He’s your Buddy, that’s for sure 😀

  7. Shatzeesmom says:

    He’s obviyuslee cumfortabul adn happytayle tu be wif yu adn King Richard! Kittehs now when dey habs it gud, aifinkso!

  8. Griffyn says:

    I think the one I like best is where he’s in “stealth cat” mode in the tall grass. 😀

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