The pelicans have stopped in on their way south for the winter.  They rest for a day or two on the little lake on our island, and then continue on. I saw them this morning and they were floating around on the lake.  When I got back with my camera, they had moved to the far side.  At first one, and then several, and then bunches of pelicans took off, circling around and then grouping up and leaving for warmer climes. I am used to watching ducks and geese group up into a flock with much quacking or honking.  But the pelicans were silent.  They just took flight and left.

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Remember the motor home’s backup camera system I fixed?  It didn’t stay fixed.  So we ordered a new system that is wireless, has a color camera and a flat screen monitor.  We spent the past two days installing it.  Of course, the new monitor wasn’t an exact fit in the hole in the dash that the old monitor came out of.  And the new camera bracket didn’t fit in the mounting holes the old camera bracket used.  🙄  And we needed to enlarge the hole in the back wall of the motorhome that the power cable came out of to get the video transmitter stuffed inside.  There was a lot of climbing up and down the ladder at the back of the motorhome and several trips to the local hardware store.  But, we have success!

Bud went to the vet yesterday and got his booster shots.  He has gained over a pound since he was at the vet’s just three weeks ago.  Last week I had realized that his collar was getting tight; I had to let it out two notches. So I knew he was putting  some meat on his bones, but I hadn’t realized just how much.


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  1. krelm says:

    HOO, for the tech installation… and RAY, for the growing Bud!

  2. Jenni says:

    What a good Mummy you are, that your boy is doing so well!

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