Bud’s Story

Last weekend we learned a little bit about Bud.  One of our neighbors, who knows lots of the people in our campground, told us she knew where he came from.

A girl named Britt gave Bud, when he was a  kitten, as a present to her boyfriend.  Bud lived with the boyfriend in an apartment in St. Paul until the boyfriend moved to California.  He couldn’t take the now grown cat with him, so he gave the cat back to Britt.   For whatever reason, Britt couldn’t keep the cat.  She called around, trying without luck to find someone to take the cat.  A few days later, she came to the campground to stay with her parents who were here for the weekend, thinking the cat could stay with them.  Her father said, “No” and booted, one hopes figuratively, the cat out of the camper.  The cat hung around the trash bins and office area for a few days before I saw him with Nea.

Poor guy, no wonder he was so confused the first few days, fussing around waking us up in the night.  After being hauled around from hither to yon and then tossed out, he didn’t know what was going on, or how long he would get to stay with us.

He is settled in now.  We got him a nice nylon carrier with mesh viewing ports.  We leave it set up behind the passenger seat.  It is his “house” and he sleeps in it, when he isn’t sleeping on the couch or my chair or the dashboard.  A few days ago, Richard-who-is-not-a-cat-person said, “Bud needs a bed in his house.”  So we went to the pet store (Richard-who-is-not-a-cat-person said, “Not Wal-Mart”) and got Bud a nice foam bed with a fuzzy cover.

When Bud isn’t sleeping, he likes to be outside.  Like all cats, he has the instincts of a hunter and is constantly on the lookout for birds and squirrels. Since he didn’t have a momma to teach him how to hunt, he doesn’t have the skills, though.  If he had been left out on his own, he would not have been able to survive.

This island is mostly swamp with just enough high ground for the campground and a handful of houses.  Today we took a walk through some of the damper areas.  Bud had fun, going into stealth mode and lurking in the weeds.  Here are some pictures of Jungle Bud.

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7 Responses to Bud’s Story

  1. poussinboi says:

    Won’t be long before Bud sleeps at Richard’s feet 😉 !!

  2. noodle says:

    thanks for the photo essay of the lovely adventures of cweenmj and bud. he is one beautiful cat!

  3. paws4thot says:

    “Since he didn’t have a momma to teach him how to hunt, he doesn’t have the skills, though.” Well maybe. I’ve known cars who weren’t taught anything more than how to pounce on a piece of string (and that by a human), but got on pretty well in the wild. One spent an entire Summer living on bunnyburgers and eventually came back in Autumn (Fall) maybe a pound or too lighter, but considerably more muscly: the other, on about his second wander in the wild caught a small bird (troglodites troglodites if you’re interested in exact species [one of the few Latin names I know without checking]) and presented live bird to his human. I know this because I was there.

  4. catena says:

    thanks for the back story! poor little Buddy…so happy he’s with you now!

  5. TJsmommy says:

    Great pictures!! Thanks for sharing those. Bud is finally “home” now. I think it’s excellent that Richard seems to have fallen for him as well.

  6. OzcatMum says:

    Bud sure is a handsome looking cat. He looks very contented yet inquisitive.
    Isn’t it funny how people who are ‘not cat people’ often end up being just as close if not closer to the pet.

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