Time to Fly

Like the pelicans we saw at our campground a couple of weeks ago, it is time for us to fly south.  We will follow US Highway 63 south through Iowa and into Missouri to I-44 and then go west to Lebanon.  We’ll take our time moseying down the road.  It should take us about three days to make the 10 hour trip.  We will stay at the state park there for a bit before heading over to Oklahoma.

Today we had lunch with Mom, Dad, Steve and Cheryl to celebrate Mom’s 87th birthday. It was a good visit with all of them.  Tomorrow, we head south while Steve and Cheryl head west, back to Washington.  Our trip will be much shorter than theirs.  😀


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  1. krelm says:

    CC trabel wif yoo!! *sinse dey de-moated st cris… or mabee yu not Catlik, i’z not Catlik,
    mabeyoo iz… (mabee yu shood shaddap krelm!) wan ders off mumblin…….*
    {{{{{{{{cween an con sort an bud}}}}}}}}

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