We have been taking our time moving south.  We spent Saturday night in Ottumwa, Iowa at a city park — only $15 a night.  Then we stopped at an RV Park in Columbia, Missouri for two nights for $58.  Did laundry and a few little errands on Monday, but mainly rested.  Richard’s hands get achy after driving, so we do short runs and try not to drive too many days in a row. Tonight we are at Bennet Springs State Park ($24) near Lebanon.  We had expected to stay here for a week to ten days, but on arrival we were told ther eis a “fishing derby” here this weekend and all the reservable campsites are reserved.  We took one of the unreserved spots, but we can only have it for one night.  *sigh* Should have called ahead.  But who expects state park campgrounds to be booked full in October??

If you want to see just where we have been, you can see all our stops on our 2010 travel map and zoom in using the satellite view.

We have decided to go to Branson tomorrow.  Neither of us have been there since the early 1980s.  I expect it has changed quite a bit since then.  We aren’t sure exactly what we will do there, but expect to find something to keep us amused.  We looked around on-line and found a campground and made a reservation for a week.  😉

Bud was quite fussy the first day on the road, but not so bad after that.  I think he will turn into a very good traveler.


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  1. paws4thot says:

    Serious question – Does the hous on wheels have a thin, hard steering wheel rim? It’s just that I have the same problem with very thin rimmed wheels (after about 8 or 9 hours driving though), so one of the first things I’ve done to every vehicle I’ve owned for more than a month or so is fit a steering wheel glove.

  2. tortiemom77 says:

    Oh! I was just over to Branson yesterday afternoon! I had left a half-dozen quilts on consignment in a store there! If only I’d read this update sooner! On your way over to Oklahoma, could I treat you to a cup of coffee? If you are going back up Hwy 65 to I-44 we could meet at the Iron Skillet in Joplin but if you go straight west on Hwy 60 you’d come directly through Neosho! We could meet at Shoney’s or any place you’d have convenient RV parking. The first thing you’ll notice different in Branson is how much easier it is to drive around, with the improved roads! Enjoy!

  3. tortiemom77 says:

    I didn’t include my alternate email address – had assumed you’d be able to find it above, but just in case, you can let me know if that cup of coffee would fit into your itinerary at deleted and happy trails to you even if you can’t stop for a microcheezmeet. tm77

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