We have spent a week in Branson.  Branson has a lot of similarities to Las Vegas.  They are both a strip along a highway filled with motels and shows.  But, of course, in Branson there are no casinos — no pretense that you will get any of your money back.  Virtually every place you go — even the grocery store — has a kiosk with someone hawking show tickets.  They offer a discount if you will attend a sales pitch of some sort (condo time shares, etc.)  We got our tickets through the campground we stayed at — not as cheap as some of the others, but no sales pitch.  😉

Lots of the shows are “tributes” aka fake stars: John Denver, the Beatles, and of course, Elvis.  Other shows are people you never heard of before: Bob Nelson, The Brett Family, and a dozen others.  We opted to see a real star — Ray Stevens.  He said the first half of his show was “patriotic, not political” but is sure seemed political to me.  He was putting down the President and endorsing the Tea Party.  The second half was all his classic hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Other fun things we did includes visits to the Wax Museum ….

And a fish hatchery….

We also took a train ride, even scored seats in the observation dome!!

Tomorrow we head south into Arkansas.  😀




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  1. ACcountryFan says:

    It depends, really, on one’s political perspective. If a person happens to believe that the President is a socialist, progressive-type who doesn’t support America’s core values or it’s status in the world then it becomes less about politics and more about pride in the country. That’s why in the mind of Ray Stevens and those such as myself and others feel that these songs with a political over-tone are really patriotic because they send a Pro-America message.

    It’s nobody’s fault but the President’s if people view him as an America hater and one who wants to see the country go down the same destructive path as Europe when it comes to health care. In each speech that the President gives he behaves like a school bully chastising those who’ve criticized his policies; or, he behaves like some sort of roaring preacher from a pulpit rallying people to be on his side again…a sitting President doesn’t and shouldn’t resort to that kind of behavior is I guess what I’m trying to say. So he puts a lot of it on himself through his behavior.

    • cweenmj says:

      I think I am entitled to express my opinion on my blog. And in my opinion, what I heard at Ray’s concert was politics. I didn’t say I disagreed with him. I just said it was political, not patriotic. I didn’t pay good money to be reminded of the problems in this world. I paid for some light-hearted entertainment, and that is not what I got. If I want political commentary, I can tune in any of several talking heads on my TV.

    • cweenmj says:

      To my regular readers: I seem to have struck a nerve with Ray Stevens’ biggest fan. This guy has a whole web site about Ray. I left a comment there for him, but he hasn’t approved it yet (if he ever will).

      Anyway, on his blog he says, “The CD was released in 1993 on Curb Records and it’s on this CD where “If 10% Is Good Enough For Jesus” originated. Ray re-recorded the song in 2009…some have said he was testing the waters to see if there was an appetite/audience for politically-driven humor and given the times we’re living in the song fits the general mood about politics in 2009/2010 more than it did back in 1993. ”
      (emphasis mine)

      Which leads me to believe that he does, in fact, think that Ray’s act is political.

    • paws4thot says:

      With appologies to the cween, if she doesn’t wish this blog to be overtaken by politics:-

      If you think that Barack Obama is a socialist, then you don’t know what Socialism is. Please go and do politics 101!

      Also, if you think that European universal healthcare is so destructive, then answer these 2 questions:-
      1) Why does America spend 50% more on healthcare per capita than anywhere in Europe (or indeed than Australia, Canada or New Zealand) do, and yet only have the World’s 17th best healthcare? (Source WHO)
      2) Can you afford the Mayo clinic? (for values of “afford” that include you or your health insurance paying their bill)

  2. OnleeKitteh says:

    Cweenmj: Ai fink you haz a grand time in Branson, including da last half ob Ray Stevens (he had sum grate hits). Da train ride looked kinds fun frum da observashun deck. Did you geta piece ob chonklit frum dat box at da Wax Museum? Ai’ll bet eben Bud had fun smelling gnu places.

    • cweenmj says:

      Oh yes, wii haz had deh funz in Branson. And deh sekkond half uv deh Ray Stevenz wuz egg salad!! I like deh Guitarzan wif deh funky monkey and Jane in deh pixor!!! Adn u noez dat Bud lubbz sniffing awl deh noo sentz.

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