Arrived In Tucson

As predicted, we arrived in Tucson yesterday afternoon.  We are in a nice new RV park on the far west side of town called the Diamond J.  We have a site that backs onto a wash where I can take Bud for his daily walks.

We actually turned the air conditioner on for a bit yesterday!  But right now (6:30 am) it’s about 40F/4.4C degrees outside and the furnace is running.


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3 Responses to Arrived In Tucson

  1. catena says:

    Glad you had a safe trip! Remember to keep an eye out for flashfloods with that wash!

  2. OnleeKitteh says:

    Whut catena sayz – keep a weather eye out fur da flash floods. Nawt want da rolley house adn peeps adn Bud to get flooded. Wuz pretty close in MinySnowDayz.

  3. paws4thot says:

    Ib UR hair kondishinings iz leik mah karz iz, it can haz maeking teh hare drier az well/insted ob maekin it kauldr. NE guid hair kondishning injinear wull tellz U that!

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