Bud Update

It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t given you an update on Bud lately.  So here goes.

I think Bud has finally quit growing.  He is a large, gorgeously handsome, creamy-golden tabby boy.  He loves to go for walks, especially in the drywash that meanders through the RV park.  I thought he might have problems out here because everything that grows has spikes, thorns or spurs.  But he does amazingly well at avoiding them, and hasn’t tried to climb any saguaros. He does climb the mesquite trees, and manages to get his leash tangled in them every now and then.

The drywash is a gully about 20 to 30 feet wide at the top, narrowing to four to six feet wide at the sand and gravel bottom.  The sides are covered with mesquite, sage, tumble-weeds and other brush.  There are a half dozen or so spots where we have made little trails through the brush down into the bottom.  While Bud can easily move about in the bed of the wash, I find myself pushing my way through the prickly twigs and branches, or bending down with my head at waist height to duck under the brush.  I come home with twigs and leaves in my hair every day.

Here are some pictures of Bud and the drywash.

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In the house, Bud alternates napping with running like a maniac from one end of the motorhome to the other.  He will hop up onto me when I’m sitting in my chair, then walk across the back of the couch to Richard for petting.  Or, he will hop up onto Richard, walk across the back of the couch to nap on me.  Why can’t he just go to the person he wants attention from?  Cats!  Who knows what goes on in their furry little heads?


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7 Responses to Bud Update

  1. catena says:

    What a gorgeous boy! Thanks for sharing, MJ!

  2. poussinboi says:

    Wow! Hasn’t he filled out? You’ve got to love this Ornj BNP kitty 😀

  3. Elka says:

    I just LOVE Bud. Thanks for the picture my Cween MJ.

  4. DrGizmo says:

    Whut a beeyootifull littlol lad! Lubbly photos 🙂

  5. kenkar says:

    Bud is such a handsome boy! I can tell by your blog that his compansionship must be a joy to you. Several months ago, I took in a stray cat; now I cannot imagine my life without her…It never ceases to amaze me how a compact bundle of muscle and fur can fill up the empty corners of my life; corners that I never befor realized needed filling!

  6. OnleeKitteh says:

    Dis wunce homeless kitteh haz done quite well fur himself. He picked da rite peeps tu become his minions. He iz a cuttie.

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