More Dr Visits

Ah, yes, we had a fun week visiting the doctors.  🙄

On Monday, Richard had his post-operative check up at his surgeon’s office.  Things are going ok.  His left incision is a little more tender and swollen than the others.  The doctor said, “We beat you up pretty good on that side.”  The tumor had worked its way down and under the clavicle requiring a lot of digging.  Good news, as expected the tumors all were benign.  Richard will have one more follow-up visit on the 25th.

Tuesday, I had my last treatment at the chiropractor.  My shoulder is much better.

Wednesday, NO DOCTOR VISITS for us. 😀  So I babysat Shane while his mom went to the doctor.

Thursday, Richard had his pacemaker check-up.  The technician could see on the readout (date and time logged right down to the second) where the surgeon had momentarily paused his heart to control the bleeding.   Other than that incident, everything was A-ok.

And today, Richard had to have a blood sample taken, so back to the doctor’s office one more time.

Next week — no appointments!!!  YAY!!!!!


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4 Responses to More Dr Visits

  1. catena says:

    Wow…you’ve had your share of things! Stay healthy!

  2. mary0spockn says:

    No Drs next week for you, young lady. You’ve been taking entirely too many of them., you glutton for punishment, you. Are you sure you’re eating enuf applols? hmmm????

  3. paws4thot says:

    This line set me off thinking about our Cween Consort with real-time telemetry, and started me thinking about “The 6 Million Dollar Man”! 😀

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