We arrived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota yesterday.  This is our official “residence” even though we have never actually lived here.  We stopped in at the office of our mail service and said hi to our mailman and mailgal.  Today we got our driver’s licenses renewed and got a tag for our little storage trailer.  All the people at the tag agency and license office were very nice and helpful and the lines moved very quickly.  😀

Ater three days of rolling down the highway it was nice not to be driving all day today.  A little break is good.  Tomorrow we go to Mantorville, Minnesota.  It is a nice little town near Dad and has a city campground.  Our spot at Red Wing is still inundated, so we will stay in Mantorville for a week or two while the Mississippi goes down.


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5 Responses to Home?

  1. mugglemary says:

    ohno! cooperate, river! ower cween is nigh!

  2. JanetCanHas4Kitthehs says:

    Home is where your mail is??? 😉

    Sounds lovely, nevertheless. And nice people are always the best.

  3. evethemulticatmom says:

    Mantorville… I’ll have to look that up. Most of my family is near Alexandria with some others up around Itasca State Park in Hubbard county.

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