Water, Water Everywhere

What’s up with our campsite in Red Wing, you ask?  Well, its wet.  Really wet.  It’s been raining upstream and the Mississippi is high.

The river is currently at 10.72 ft and rising.  The campground is closed, and will be until the river drops below 10 feet.  The campground in-road floods at 9 feet, the office at 11.  We guestimate that our site (#51) is at about 12 feet.

How do we keep up with this info, you ask?  The World Wide Web, of course!

We check the campground’s web site notice to keep updated on the status of the campground.

NOAA has a river level chart updated daily with the current level and predictions that we also check.

And we can actually look at the river just next door to us on this web cam.

I have made a little map where you can see the relationship between the river cam and our site.


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  1. catena says:

    OK, I *will* be in Minneapolis the week of June 6. I have available: Monday afternoon (since I’ll arrive in the morning, and my meetings don’t start until Tuesday) OR after work Tuesday or Wednesday. I’d prefer Monday because I’d have more time. Alternatively, I could stay Thursday evening, and have Friday (most of the day) available, if there’s something you think would be better to do that day.
    azevedan (at) yahoo (dot) com

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