We had barely left the campground in Sioux Falls this morning when Bud hissed at a passing truck. 😯 Usually, he pays them little attention.  We looked at the truck and the passenger was waving and pointing at our motorhome.  Not waving like, “Hi” but waving like “You’ve got a problem!!” 😦 So we slowed down and pulled off at the first exit.  After looking the motorhome and the Jeep over we finally saw that a panel right behind the front bumper of the motorhome was loose and (we guessed) was flapping as we went down the road.  Duct Tape to the rescue!!!  We duct taped the panel down and will secure it more permanently when it is warm enough to lay on the ground.

Yes, it is COLD up here.  Temps in the 20s last night, tonight and tomorrow night.  Today it barely got above freezing.  Brrrr!!!!!

We arrived in Mantorville (our Plan B campground) this afternoon to find that the campground here hasn’t turned the water on yet and won’t for another week at least.  😦  Plan C: tomorrow we will have to find somewhere else to stay for a while.

We went over to Dodge Center and visited with Steve, Cheryl and Dad.  Dad is looking good and seems quite chipper.


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4 Responses to Mantorville

  1. Jeanne McLaughlin says:

    what a good watch cat you have!!

    • cweenmj says:

      Isn’t hii awsum?? I lubz mai Bud!!!

    • OzcatMum says:

      Purrzackly! What a clever boy! Hope you find somewhere nice to stay WITH water.

    • OnleeKitteh says:

      Bud be a guard kitteh. We hadded a friend many years ago dat had a Doberman who wuz skared ob hiz own shadow. But da kitteh wuz a true guard kitteh. Dey had a piksure ob him in dere entry window dat said “Beware of cat”. Him wuz hissing adn all snarly in da piksure. Adn he wuz da guard ob da house, nawt da goggie.

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