Moving Around

We have moved back to the campground in Mantorville now that they have turned the campground water back on.  It is much closer to Dad’s, and about 15 bucks a day cheaper than where we were.

We took a short road trip yesterday afternoon to see our campsite at Red Wing.  The road into the campground is partially underwater.  We could see the waterline on the highway bridge supports, trees, and the office.  The water has dropped only a couple of feet.

Here are the pictures.  We have a large stump where the back end of our motorhome should be.  Our decks are gone; the cable broke.  But the satellite dish survived.

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Compared to the havoc being wreaked in Cairo, Memphis and other places on the southern end of the Mississippi River, our situation is a mere inconvenience.   We are hopeful that we can move in next week, or the week after.


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4 Responses to Moving Around

  1. OzcatMum says:

    Shame to lose all the great decking that was built! But as you said, there are many worse things in life.

  2. OnleeKitteh says:

    Oh cween – dat iz hart-breaking, to see so much werk get destroyed. But az you said, you iz safe adn dry. Whut about your trailer dat wuz lefted?

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