Today Brought …

Yesterday I said I wondered what today would bring.  Well, it brought rain. A long morning nap.  And a flat tire on the Jeep.  It wasn’t completely flat, but very low.  So I drove it carefully to the tire shop.  Which was closed.  So I drove it carefully to another tire shop.  The tire guy said it could be ready in about 45 minutes.  An hour and a half later it was ready.  No charge because it took so long!!!  Cool!!!


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4 Responses to Today Brought …

  1. krelm says:

    whut a wondermus tyre shop … guy.

  2. Shatzeesmom says:

    What a week! At least you are in your spot and it looks like you did a fabulous job getting it back to normal!

  3. Griffyn says:

    and I’m exhausted for you…as if you needed any help with that one. 😉 btw, if you ever find yourself in West Tennessee and need a good RV repair guy, I can hook you up with my BIL…he’s amaz

  4. Griffyn says:

    oops – amazing with what he can do with RVs.

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