Water, Water

Well, the river is still rising, but it isn’t rising as fast as originally predicted, and it won’t get as high as originally predicted.  So we are staying put.  At least for now.  We packed the patio furniture and other outdoor stuff back into the cargo trailer, just in case we do decide to head for higher ground.  And we made a grocery run, in case we get flooded in.  Our campsite is higher than the road into the campground, so it is possible for us to stay dry but not be able to get in or out for a day or two.

This picture shows the tenting area and the entrance road to the campground.  It was taken last week when we arrived.  The water level is lower now than it was then.


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3 Responses to Water, Water

  1. gmwgs says:

    Is that what’s meant by “stranded high and dry”? In any case, keep your powder dry.

  2. paws4thot says:

    Hou iz teh Jeep? It shood ford a foot awr so ob standing wawtur nae fuss, nae bother!

    • cweenmj says:

      Datz wut wii think. The road will have about 15 inches uv water fur abowt a week. Mebbee a bit more fur a day oar twu. Wii won’t take deh Jeep in tu git repaired until deh water goez down.

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