Mom’s Memorial

We had a memorial gathering for Mom yesterday in the hospitality room of a local motel.  About 30 or 40 friends and relatives came to remember Mom and celebrate her life.  We had a good time visiting and sharing memories of the good times.

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We set up a small table at the room entrance with some photos of her.  The blue cloth on the table is from her wedding dress.  At another table we had samples of her many talents; paintings, knitting, sandscapes, etc.

Dad couldn’t hear everything that was said to him, but he understood the love and caring that were in the air.  He is 90, and doing pretty well for his age.

I saw people I hadn’t seen in years — my cousins Diana, Stephanie, and Kelly (all from the Twin Cities area); my brother Ron from Florida; Mom’s cousins Carol, Don and Warren (all from Preston); and Dad’s cousin Margaret.

This morning, Ron and Dad left for Florida. I am so glad that Dad will be able to be with family and not have to be in an assisted living center.


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4 Responses to Mom’s Memorial

  1. OnleeKitteh says:

    It’s so nice to celebrate the life of a loved one in this way. I especially liked the “picture board” – I did something like this for hubby’s “visitation” before his burial. I also had some Frank Sinatra CD’s playing in the background, and a bottle of Johnny Walker Black on the table. I think I may have shocked some people, but I wanted it to be as if he were there (which he was in spirit). It’s nice that your Dad can be with your brother in Florida, but it’s a long way from where you are now. Maybe this is next year’s “camping spot”?

  2. JanetCanHas4Kitthehs says:

    This sounds perfectly lovely. Everything anyone could want.

    And sorry as I am that your dad couldn’t stay in his own house, being with family is a thousand times better than most assisted living places I know. With a caveat or two.

    Odd, how it always takes funeral to bring families together. Makes me think I should get myself gathered up and plan a little family reunion of our own here.

  3. sweetpea says:

    {{{{{{{mj}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} leaves a bouquet of fragrant sweetpeas.

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