Richard in Hospital

This is just a quick fly-by post to let you all know the latest.

I took Richard to the VA hospital yesterday to the outpatient clinic because his hand has been swollen and painful.  Looooong story short: it is gout caused by his heart meds causing problems for his kidneys.  They will keep him in a few days to get his meds balanced.

The long story involves lots of waiting for hours and hours.  We left here around noon and I didn’t get home until after 1 am.  I am headed back to the hospital now — it is about an hour’s drive.  Will post more tonight if I get back at a decent hour.


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6 Responses to Richard in Hospital

  1. jeanne says:

    oh marilyn, it’s raining health problems – i tell ya!! give the supt a big hug for me please!! and tell him to get better or, well let’s just say, don’t make me come over there!!!

  2. catena says:

    Healing beams!

  3. JanetCanHas4Kitthehs says:

    I’d like to say – what Jeanne said. It’s not only raining rain, now it’s raining health problems. 😦

    And please give Richard a big, but very gentle, hug from me. And I hope, hope hope it will all be better soon.

  4. onions and petunias says:

    Gout be teh ouchy, dat’s fur sure! Glad you took him in, and hope all gets balanced soon!

  5. mugglemary says:

    oh, deer, mai leej! hoap awl turns owt okay! yoo takes him tew mpls, right? need ennee helps, let mi know! ai jus cross teh mitey missssusipppeee!

  6. OzcatMum says:

    Love and hugs and good wishes to you both, MJ. Hope they sort it out quickly for Richard.

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