Richard is Home!

*does a dance of joy*

The doctors have changed Richard’s meds, adding a couple for the gout, and sent him home.  He will have an appointment at the rheumatology clinic next week.  And one with a primary care doctor a week or two after that.  He is going to be a “project” for the rheumatologist who saw him today.  I think that “project” is doctor speak for “Guinea pig”.  8)  The doctor said he wants to x-ray both of Richard’s hands and both of his feet and run some tests on him.

They said that part of the reason for the blood test results yesterday could have been dehydration from sitting in the waiting room for over 8 hours yesterday. They ran more tests today and kept him on an IV from when he was admitted last night until about 4:30 this afternoon.  They also aspirated his swollen knuckle.  That was painful.  They took a tiny little needle and stuck it into his knuckle and then twisted it around to get it into the joint and withdrew some fluid.   They had planned to follow that up with an injection of medication right into the joint, but after seeing the pain he was in from the aspiration, they decided to go with oral meds.

Their plan is to get the gout under control and get him on a continuing med to keep him from having more flare ups.  And to monitor him to make sure his heart meds aren’t causing any more problems.

Many thanks to all who sent hugs, good thoughts and prayers.


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11 Responses to Richard is Home!

  1. catena says:


  2. jamamakitty says:

    whew, you tell that supt to stop scaring us like that!! cuz i sedso!!!

  3. JanetCanHas4Kitthehs says:

    Yes, whew! Tell him to lissen to Jeanne.

  4. Griffyn says:

    Ohai! I miss one day and look what I missed…glad Richard is better and also that he’s back home. I know I feel better when I’m in my own home, even if it’s after being on vacation for a weekend. What does Bud think about Richard going off and leaving him for the night? or was he happy to have you all to himself?

    • cweenmj says:

      I’m glad it was just one day! Much better than having him in hospital for 12 days like last spring. 😉

      Bud was a little upset. He came into the bedroom making little questioning mewings, like he did the first few days we had him and he was scared and worried about what was going on. Kinda wondering what was up and apprehensive. I’m not sure if he was upset to have Richard gone, or just picked up on my nervousness.

  5. Cowdogwah says:

    OMCC! Sounds liek Richard needing tu be restifying aftur awl dat… {{{{{{{{{{{{Richard adn his joynts}}}}}}}}}}}}
    reszt nao adn sleep!11!!

  6. Continued love and hugs and beems!

  7. Berry happie Richit am bedder. Ai noes awl bout dose achky joynts. U takes gud caer ub ursef awlsew.

  8. Upfi says:

    Rich beams for Richard to get better!

  9. poussinboi says:

    Good news, MJ. Take care.

  10. Elka says:

    This is good news for the both of you. It sounds very painfull for Richard, perhaps Bud can put his tail on Richards hand so he can heal. Take care of Richard and look after yourself. Hugz Elka

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