Kitty on a Mission

You asked for it, you got it!!  More pictures of Bud!!  Some of these were taken in Mantorville last month.  And some of them were taken here, at the Island Campground this month.   He does love to climb trees; and poke his nose into all the nooks and cranies he can find; and chase bugs and snakes; and chew on his catnip; and just be a cat.  😀

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7 Responses to Kitty on a Mission

  1. Elka says:

    Oh, My Cween what a great set of photo’s of Prince Bud. He is so lucky to be rescued by you and King Richard. I love the pictures in the trees, Bud is completely focused on his ‘Task’. I hope you and Richard are feeling better and get a bit of rest. Love Elka

  2. krelm says:

    i hazza jell us!!!

  3. OnleeKitteh says:

    Dis iz a true explorer kitteh. He’s so intent on checking the “mail messages”. I loved the apparent careless saunter on the tree limb over the water. He’z a bery lucky kitteh wif such caring parints.

  4. onions and petunias says:

    ** in her mind, o&p sees cartoon of Bud running and the cween just barely holding onto the leash, flying horizontal behind him **

    • cweenmj says:

      Dat am how Bud seez it, tuu.
      In reality, Bud takez off running at full speed, I follow at my full speed which am much slower than his. Bud reechez end uv leesh and kumz tu abrupt stop.

      Actually, he haz learned how long the leash is and usually slows down just before he reaches the end. He has also learned that when I say “end of the line” it means that he has gone as far as I am going to let him (usually in the underbrush) and that he needs to come back the way he went in so the leash doesn’t get tangled. He is so smart! :mrgreen:

  5. catena says:

    Such a sweet boy!

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