What’s Up?

What have we been doing lately?  Going to the VA Hospital in Minneapolis.  And going to the VA Hospital in Minneapolis.  And just for fun, we went to the VA Hospital in Minneapolis.   Richard has had a follow-up appointment with his rheumatologist and an appointment with another doctor to review his meds and get all the prescriptions transferred to the VA and an appointment to get a CPAP machine from the VA so we can return his rental to the rental company. And today we went to the local medical supply store and got him a portable oxygen machine so he can get out and about and still breathe.

He is feeling much better.  His feet and hands and other joints aren’t aching so he is moving quite well.

And for those of you who need your Bud fix, here he is exploring the Simon Boxer 170D:

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2 Responses to What’s Up?

  1. catena says:

    Heh. I would think he’d prefer a CAT.
    Glad Richard is feeling better! Say hello for me.
    Ann (catena)

  2. paws4thot says:

    Can teh elebating platform haz passing teh kitteh saftee inspekshun?

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