New Lid

We finally got the new hardtop for the Jeep.

Hmmm. Not the best picture.   It is tan, and is lined with carpet so it is much quieter than the old canvas top was.

My computer has been acting up the past few days.  .  Not sure what its problem is.   I have tried just about all the majic tricks I know.  It keeps turning itself off… hibernating actually.  Will have to poke at it some more tomo


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3 Responses to New Lid

  1. Griffyn says:

    “tomo”…well, that pretty much is the sum of it, huh? Hope it’s nothing serious…like most electronics issues, they’re more annoying and time consuming to trouble shoot, than serious. Good luck!

  2. OnleeKitteh says:

    {{{cween}}} – technology is great, except when it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. Before I retired, a co-worker had the same problem several times over a year period. It was a gov’t computer and with all the security carp we had to have laid on top of Windows, it’s a wonder anything worked sometimes. But – it seemed to clear up for a while every time he did the reimaging with the gov’t operating system. But then, it would do it again within a few weeks or months. I don’t think he ever got it fixed. Don’t get discouraged from that story – I had the same model and mine never did the “automatic shutdown” or go into hibernation.

  3. catena says:

    Nice top!

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