Moving South

Today we headed out after four and half months at Island Campground across the Mississippi from Red Wing, Minnesota. The fall colors are gorgeous and we enjoyed looking at the pretty hills as we drove along. The weather has been unbelievably warm the past few days and today was almost hot!  😯  80 in October?!?!

We are at the KOA in De Forest, Wisconsin, just north of Madison.  We stopped in at the Camping World here to get some work done (oil change, etc) and they are very busy.  But they said they can squeeze us in at 8:30 Saturday morning.  😀

Bud is still not real happy about traveling, but the calming medicine did its trick and kept him relatively relaxed.  This campground has lots of grass and he enjoyed walking around sniffing new smells and climbing a new tree.

Here are a few pix of him taken in our last week at Island Campground.

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9 Responses to Moving South

  1. catena says:

    safe travels!

  2. Neil Denison says:

    Bud is a great looking cat! One question, doesn’t he sometimes get hopelessly tangled??

    • cweenmj says:

      Tangled? yes, on occasion. Hopelessly? no. It is the job of his human walking attendant to ensure that the leash stays tangle free. That is why there are more pictures of him going up trees than coming down. It takes two hands to keep him from getting tangled coming back down. 🙄

  3. Neil Denison says:

    i b krelm… don’t know wah happin!

  4. keshet says:

    teh yung prinz is lewkin hansum indeed!

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