Still in Madison

We spent the better part of yesterday sitting in Camping World while they poked and prodded the motorhome.  Got the oil changed and they did a lube job.  They checked the hydraulic system to find out where it was leaking.  They had to clean umpteen layers of gunk off of it first.  Turns out it is the fittings on three of the lines where they connect to the reservoir.  And Camping World doesn’t have the equipment to put on new fittings and crimp them on.  So tomorrow we will call a place they recommended to take care of the hydraulic lines and see if they can get it fixed.

And then there was the saga of auxilliary brake that goes in the Jeep – it senses when the motorhome is braking and applies the brakes in the Jeep.  Our old one died (long out of warranty), so we ordered a new one from Camping World online and got it just before we left Red Wing.  We hooked it up, but it didn’t work so we figured we had something miswired and asked them to check the installation.  Turns out the brake itself is bad.  They will get us a replacement.  It should (crosses fingers) get here Wednesday.

So we are still here at the KOA.  It’s a nice campground, only 6 miles from the Camping World.  And we aren’t on a schedule.  😀  The weather is spectacular for mid-October — bright sunshine, temps in the 70s and 80s — and the leaves are so pretty.



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  1. catena says:

    Paws crossed that everything gets fixed on schedule!

  2. poussinboi says:

    It’s no good when the brakes break !
    * Have a good break while you’re there 😉 *

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