We are still in Madison.  The auxillary brake didn’t arrive as expected.  😦 It seems the Camping World warehouse didn’t have any in stock.  So the service guys called the manufacturer.  When they turned the brake over to get the serial number, the tech noticed a loose wire.  He asked the mfg if he could solder it into place and they wouldn’t tell him where it went.  It’s not that the wire broke loose — its end was stripped and tinned and ready to be soldered, it had never been soldered into place!!!!!!  👿   The mfg is going to ship a new one overnight to Camping World.

If we had known we would be here so long we would have booked the campsite for a week and gotten the weekly rate instead of paying the higher daily rate.  😦

With any luck, the new one will arrive tomorrow and we can leave on Friday.


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5 Responses to Carp!

  1. catena says:

    dang. sorry to hear this.

  2. paws4thot says:

    [country music]
    “We’ve got a short way to go,
    And a long time to get there”
    The worst part of this is paying day rates for the pitch, and the mechanic not being allowed to fix the brake unit, right?

  3. poussinboi says:

    I like to say, “Who needs brakes? They only slow you down”.
    * Hope they sort it out soon, MJ *

  4. OnleeKitteh says:

    I’ll use my favorite curse phrase: frick, frack and harry. Talk about a catch 44. I’d make a complaint to the manufacturer for lack of quality control. And ICK on the higher camp ground rate. At least you don’t have snow chasing you.

  5. Griffyn says:

    Oopsie – I see Murphy’s Law seems to be in play.

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