We arrived yesterday after fighting the wind all the way from Madison.  BLARGH!!!  We both were exhausted.  And I didn’t even drive.  🙄

Today we are feeling much better.   They wind blew most of today, too, but we didn’t have to fight with it.

I met up with one of my internet friends, SP, who lives here and we went to a cat show.  I had never been to one, and neither had she.  It was interesting to watch the judging and to see all the different breeds of cats.  I saw lots up close and personal that I had never seen in person before.  The Maine Coons are HUGE!!!! As are the Norwegian Forest cats and the Siberian whatever-it-was.   The local shelters had cats there and  I was so glad to see lots of empty cages with the tags reading “Adopted.”

We drove around and SP pointed out some of the more interesting buildings in downtown Springfield.  We saw the railroad depot, Union Station; and the old State House; the Governor’s Mansion; and Lincoln’s home.   I took pictures, but haven’t downloaded them yet.  Mebbee tumorrow.




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  1. poussinboi says:

    The cat show sounds like fun. Check out the woman and siberian cat here ! Huge 😯

    • PB, we saw a huge siberian today! He was beautiful! However, he was in no way interested in what was going on… so extreme was his disinterest, he was facing the back of the kitteh cage, with his back to the crowd. Mai meh, let me show yoo it.

      Oh, and cat show in Springpatch = every cat gets three or more ribbons. 🙄

  2. catena says:

    What a nice day!

  3. Mai Cween! How wonderful it is to have you in the ‘Patch! You forgot to mention how many of those attractions you got to see two or three times! 😆

  4. MJ, good news – 23 of the 45 cats available for adoptions got their new forever-homes during the cat show! YAY! 😀

  5. emelelka says:

    It is so nice to hear that innernetfrens meet and have fun!

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