We have places to sit!  YAY!!  Our furniture arrived Tuesday.  The desk came in the morning from the office furniture store.   And around 3:30 the Rooms to Go truck arrived with the livingroom and bedroom things.  Took the guys nearly two hours to get it all unpacked and set up.

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After all the deliverymen left, I went and got Bud.   He was not happy to go for a ride in the Jeep.  And he was not happy with the new house.  Even though I brought all his beds and toys.  He wandered through all the rooms meowing.  He spent all night telling us how not happy he was.  None of us got much sleep.  But Wednesday morning we went out onto the patio and he looked around and decided this isn’t such a bad place after all.  He has settled in and plays with his toys, naps on the furniture and climbs his tower.


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  1. emelelka says:

    Oo,Cween, it is becoming a real home! Bud is going nicely wiff the new furniture, but every kitty does. He will get used to living in a home and so will you and King Richard. The bed looks so comfi! Have fun in the house and try to rest once in a while.

  2. OnleeKitteh says:

    cween: It’s lovely, such a nice place to put down some roots. I love the double recliner chairs. Bud will adjust quite well I’m sure and be happy with a non-rolley-house. Kidd roamed, cried, not eat, was confused for 2-3 days after we moved in. But he found all sorts of new hidey-holes, places to explore, real window ledges he could look out of at the world.

  3. catena says:

    Love that bed!

  4. Onions & Petunias says:

    Just wait! Bud will figure out how much fun it is to run all around the house with no leash and with lots of space – I picture him scrambling/scrabbling on the hardwood floors, trying to get traction … he’ll love it! (I had to move my cat’s food and water dishes 4 feet away from where they normally are so the landlord could work on the backdoor. You would have thought we’d moved to another country the way he carried on.)

  5. Catsablanca says:

    Aifinkso ebbreefing will b kitteh approoved!!!

  6. poussinboi says:

    All cats love hiding behind vertical blinds 😀 !
    Happy New Home to you

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