More Goodies Arrive

Last week we ordered a kitchen table online.  They said it would arrive between Feb 7 and Feb 13; but it came today.  Yay!!

We moved the little island/breakfast bar cabinet thingy out of the kitchen and into the family room.  It is now a coffee/tea bar.

The delivery man off-loaded the table and chairs into the garage — all four boxes.  One box was the table; two boxes had 2 chairs each; and the last box had the bench.  The table has a leaf — without the leaf it seats four, with the leaf in it seats six.  The delivery man was not an assembly man.  We spent the afternoon assembling everything.  The chairs were the trickiest, but once we did one, the other three were easier.

So here it is, our new kitchen table.

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The bench is sitting along a wall in the family room, just waiting for us to have company so we can put the leaf in and it can go sit by the table.  😀  The niche above the bench is going to get a mirror in the back of it.  That was going to be our project for today, but somehow we got sidetracked.  🙄


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11 Responses to More Goodies Arrive

  1. jeanne says:

    reminds me of putting my bookcase together…… was gonna say “at least you had help” but that might not always be a plus!! LOL

    • cweenmj says:

      It most definitely was a plus. The whole set weighed in at over 300 pounds. Even taking it one bit at a time it was heavy enough!! The table top was the real killer — it had both of us huffing and puffing getting it from the garage into the kitchen!

  2. catena says:

    Nice! Very attractive. And nice job on the assembly!

  3. Teasel says:

    Love your new table and chairs (and bench)! Must be fun getting new stuff and turning your house into your home.

  4. One word: LOVE!

    Hmmm… can’t wait to have company so you can use the leaf and the bench, huh? I’m thinking the next Cheezmeet should be a Royal one… 😉

  5. OnleeKitteh says:

    cween: I love your kitchen table and bench. Things in the new royal house are beginning to take shape.
    *My dining table and chairs are dark brown (really mahogany “overlay”) and the chairs were redone years ago in black – just like yours. I even have a “leather” table cloth (backed with nice soft stuff). GMTA 🙂 *

  6. Cowdogwah says:

    This new joint is really shaping up! Beautiful acquisitions!

  7. Catsablanca says:

    I love a table with a bench!

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