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Goodbye, Debby

The storm has finally moved on.   We still might have a few straggling squalls today.  It was sprinkling a bit when I got up, but now we have sunshine and a light breeze.  All told we got about 9 to … Continue reading

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Still Here

Nope, we haven’t floated away.  We’ve gotten plenty of rain from Debby. I dumped the rain guage yesterday morning — it had one and half inches of water.  Last night I dumped it again and it was about a half … Continue reading

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We’re the Best?

Everyone likes to be the best at something.  And businesses love to tell us just how great they are at what they do.  With claims like “World Famous ….”  or “America’s Best …. “, you’ve seen the ads. There is … Continue reading

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Bud Untethered

Bud usually shoots up the trees so fast I don’t have a chance to unclip his leash.  And with all the Spanish moss here, his leash tends to get caught up.  He can get down, but I have to unclip … Continue reading

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Bud and the Wild Things

I haven’t posted any pictures of Bud lately.  And I know you guys are just dying to know what he has been up to. Bud spends a lot of time with Dad on the patio watching the birds and the … Continue reading

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