Bud Untethered

Bud usually shoots up the trees so fast I don’t have a chance to unclip his leash.  And with all the Spanish moss here, his leash tends to get caught up.  He can get down, but I have to unclip him, and then pull the leash out of the tree.  A couple of times I have had to climb a ladder in order to get his leash out of the tree. But last week, on his way up he paused long enough for me tu unclip him.  Bud untethered!!!

He really enjoyed his sojourn in the tree!  He spent about 10 minutes exploring the limbs, the squirrels complaining about this interloper the whole time.

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8 Responses to Bud Untethered

  1. catena says:

    Bud, the great explorer!

  2. noodle says:

    what an amazing bud. what a lucky cat. i wish i could be bud.

  3. Catsablanca says:

    Yowser! He is way up there! Good thing you didn’t have to go up after him. Oh, and when I read the subject line of the email while on my phone, I thought it said “Bud under the bed.” *Makes note to get eyes checked*

  4. Awl yur treez ar belong tu me. 😆

    Mai gud Cween… do you use a flea & tick preventative on Bud? The reason I ask is that Spanish Moss is known to be CHOCK FULL of chiggers/noseeums. People should only handle it when wearing gloves, and pets should avoid it entirely. With Bud, that’s gonna be nearly impossible, I can see. So a flea & tick preventative might be helpful. You might want to talk to his V.E.T. about it… ♥

    • cweenmj says:

      Uv korse Bud gitz himz monthly flee and tikk medz!

      Wen wii took deh swamp toor in Louisiana wii wuz told an interesting story:
      The Spanish moss used to be picked commercially. The core of the moss is a black wirey fiber that was used as “horsehair” furniture stuffing. It had to be boiled to kill the critters in it. Apparently, one shipment of unboilded moss was sent to the Ford automobile factory and used to stuff the seats. The resulting chigger-bit new car owners were not happy. This caused the first automobile recall.

      • Ai shuld has nown, Bud, being teh advenchur cat dat he am, wuld be well purrtektid agenst nasty littlol buggurs!

        Ai did nawt noe dat bowt teh nawt-sekkund car rekawl! Dat’s berry inneresting… an a littlol ufnny. *snert*

  5. Dharma99 says:

    Oh, those shots fo Bud in the tree are wonderful. He looks as if he is having the time of his life. That is, until the next adventure.

  6. poussinboi says:

    * shuts eyes when Bud goes out on that limb … OMCC 😮 *
    It is wonderful to see how adventurous he is. And if he gets stuck you can call the fire-brigade 😉

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