Still Here

Nope, we haven’t floated away.  We’ve gotten plenty of rain from Debby. I dumped the rain guage yesterday morning — it had one and half inches of water.  Last night I dumped it again and it was about a half inch above its five inch mark.  Today we got another 3 inches of rain.  It has been raining off and on for the last 5 days and looks like it is going to keep on raining for two or three more.  A month ago we were wondering if the little pond out back was going to dry up…..that is not a problem now.  🙄  It is full to its overflow scupper and then some.  It drains out into the swampy woods to the southeast of us.  Our house is in no danger of flooding.

We have had several power bumps, but no outages.  The wind kicks up every now and then, swinging the spanish moss back and forth.  The tornados have been mostly along the coast line.  And that seems to be where all the flooding and wind damage is.  I’m glad we didn’t decide to buy beachfront property.


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7 Responses to Still Here

  1. Catsablanca says:

    Ohai, mai Cween! I was just thinking about you awhile ago & wondering about your pond. Glad you’re okay! So are we……no flooding, some branches down but nothing big. Couldn’t believe the Sun was shining today! Welcome to Florida’s hurricane season.

  2. catena says:

    Glad you’re high and dry!

  3. Kitteh_Kat_Celia says:

    O Mai cween~! I iz ebber so happitalez u iz nawt gawn wif teh wadders!

  4. We’ll trade you some 100+ temps for some rain, Mummykins! 😛 How are the resident critters taking the wet weather? Bud, alligator, G’pa Frank, et al?

    • cweenmj says:

      ohai, Jenni-Pooh!!! I wud gladly send you awl deh raynz u wants!!!!! Everyone here is fine. Although Bud has not been happy being cooped up inside. He did get tu have another untethered tree climb yesterday and that made him a very happy kitteh-boi . We had sunshine this morning, Dad and I raked up most of the moss that got blown down. But now more wind and rain. Oh, joy!

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