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Hmmm…. what’s new??  I feel a bit like Garrrison Keillor —  It’s been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone . . . . . .

Lessee…. We finally got the niche in the family room refinished.  It had been mangled by a previous owner who did  a really bad job of putting shelves in it and a frame around it.  🙄  we removed the hideous light fixture and the wiring.  Patched the holes in the walls, spackled the patches and painted the entire niche and a bit of the surrounding wall, installed 2 glass shelves and a battery operated LED light.  It looks really nice.  In the process, we found out the long wall dividing the living areas from the bedrooms is painted slightly lighter than the other two walls of the family room.  I was gonna touch up a spot on the wall next to the patio doors and lo, and behold, the paint that matched the niche wall stood out like a sore thumb on the other wall!!  And here I always thought that corner looked darker just because of the lighting in the room.

I relocated the yellow hibiscus.  It was a big bush in a little spot between the front door and the garage door.   It was just wa-a-a-ay to big for its location.  And we had a little lime tree out back that was doing very poorly.  So I dug out the lime and put it in the trash.  Then I dug up the hibiscus and put it in the freshly vacated hole where the lime tree used to be.

So far we have nothing to fill the spot the hibiscus was in except dirt and mulch.  We have a painter coming later this month to repaint the exterior of the house so there’s no point in planting something there just now.

Last night I was really tired, so I went to bed shortly after 7 pm.  Of course, I woke up around 10:30 pm.  🙄  So I got up, watched Jay Leno and poked around on Ancestry dot com looking up ancestors.  Went back to sleep shortly after 2 am.  Around 3:30 Bud went into Banshee mode, screeming at the top of his lungs on the nightstand right next to me!  😯  There was a cat outside the window.  🙄  We got up, ran the interloper off and got Bud settled back down.  I did get back to sleep and slept for another 3 hours.  So much for my long restful night.  *sigh*

Just to keep you entertained, here are some pictures from the game camera:

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8 Responses to News from the Swampland

  1. Teasel says:

    Erm…no before and after pics of the niche?
    Sounds like having a nonrolly home suits
    you all well!

    • cweenmj says:

      Really? Its not like we were doing Extreme Home Makeover or anything. Ok.
      You can kind of see the before here, above the bench.

      We had already taken the frame off and ripped out the shelving. And for some reason my little step stool and some tools were living in the niche.

      This is the after. Now we have eagles and flowers in the niche.

      you will notice that the sliding dimmer switch is gone. Who puts a halogen light (with a dimmer switch) at the top of a set of shelves and then puts in solid shelves so the light only shines on the top shelf?? morons. And the frame’s mitered corners didn’t match up the angles were so lousy. I think the niche looks nice without a frame.

  2. OnleeKitteh says:

    Very nice remodel! Trying to match paint colors from some time ago is almost impossible unless you have a left-over paint can. I had the whole interior of my house repainted after the papers were signed and a good thing too – it was a mish-mash of dark colors, even in the kitchen. UGH!

    *sorta, but nawt really, laffs at da Bud doing da Banshee mode in da middlol ob da nite. Kidd does dat usually in late summer (day or nite). He hates uvver kittehs adn small goggies.*

  3. paws4tthot says:

    Lessee? – I fot U haz buyed teh nawt-rolly houz?

    Nice remodel.

    In kitteh news, one of my neighbours has a kitteh on a (not hot tiled) roof. They live in a 2 story house, so I’m not quite certain how it got up there, or how it will get back down.

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