Ladder Work

Several days ago we noticed that our back security lights were out.  And of course they are mounted waaaay up on the gable end of the house.  We got out our magic step ladder that opens up and turns into a straight ladder.   Put it up against the back of the house and I got to climb up and change the spotlights.  Richard gets dizzy when he looks up and we really didn’t want him falling 15 feet.

Then on Sunday the garage door opener decided that since its name didn’t include garage door closer that it didn’t have to close the door.  🙄  Richard went online and looked up our model and found all the parts were labelled “obsolete.”  Joy.  So we got a new one from Home Depot.  The salesman said they could have a guy install it in 45 minutes for $97 and haul off all the old bits.  But Richard is a manly man and said we would do it ourselves.  More joy.  Monday morning we installed the new garage door opener.  We used our magic step ladder in its step ladder mode.  I got to do the ladder work, unbolting the old motor and rail and mounting the new ones.  We don’t want Richard falling off the short ladder either.  We used the old wires to connect the switch by the back door and hook up the sensors.  It took us four hours and I only got bonked on the head once as we took the old motor down.   But now when we push the buttons, the door goes up AND down.  😀

And your pictures for today are……  not pictures of the garage door opener. 😉

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9 Responses to Ladder Work

  1. catena says:

    You guys are hard core!

    • cweenmj says:

      If I had had my way, the little man from Home Depot would have been the one sweating in our garage (88 degrees and 82% humidity) and I would have gladly paid him $97.

      • paws4tthot says:

        This is why I say that women should learn DIY essentials for themselves. I take it you can change a flat? By the argument that the verge is the most dangerous part of a freeway, it’s way safer to change a flat out yourself in 20 minutes than to wait an hour for a breakdown truck!

  2. Kitteh_Kat_Celia says:

    Hao duz Bud liek teh leesh?

  3. poussinboi says:

    Excellent work and lovely photos, too ! 😀

  4. OnleeKitteh says:

    Ahhh – the ‘joys’ of being a home owner.
    Beautiful deer.
    Has Bud caught a lizard yet?

  5. nennepus says:

    awww – I want to see the garage door-opener!!! and closer!!! 😀

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