At long last — YAY!

Ever since we moved in I have been wanting a writing desk.  Not a computer desk, not a laptop desk, a writing desk.  I have looked on line, I have looked in antique stores, I have looked in furniture stores. There are tons of writing desks and secretaries out there.  But none of them said “Take me home.”  A few weeks ago I found one on Pottery Barn’s web site that I kept coming back to look at.  It was The One.  I dug out my credit card and ordered it on July 6.  They shipped it on the 10th.  It was supposed to arrive on Thursday, the 12th.  But, for some reason it experienced “an exception” in Jacksonville and UPS said it would be arrive Friday.  It didn’t get here until Monday, the 16th.  And the crate looked like it had fallen off the loading dock somewhere along the line. It was really beat up and falling apart. I told the UPS man to please send it back where it came from.  I didn’t even want to open it up I was so sure it was damaged — we could actually see part of the desk through the holes in the crate.  I was terribly dissapointed.  I had been sooo looking forward to getting my perfect desk.

Then I called Pottery Barn’s customer service and explained the situation.  They lady said it was no problem and they would ship another one to me.  It should arrive on Monday, the 23rd.  So I waited impatiently again.  Monday I kept looking out the window for the UPS truck.  No truck.  At five pm I called Pottery Barn’s customer service again.  Another friendly lady checked on it for me, said it had arrived in  Jacksonville Saturday morning.  We both agreed that it was odd that it hadn’t moved at all on Monday.  She gave me the tracking number and said she would make a note to check on it again today and if need be she would have her supervisor contact UPS. 

This morning I checked the UPS tracking page and my desk was on the move!!  YAY!!  It had gone to Tampa overnight and was out for delivery!!!!   I was so excited and at the same time nervous that it had gotten banged around too.

It arrived around 10 this morning without damage and it is exactly what I wanted!!!!


It is so dark it doesn’t photograph well.  But you do get an excellent view of the refinished niche.  😉



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10 Responses to At long last — YAY!

  1. rae says:

    So pretty! And it looks like it goes well with your beautiful floors. Cool!
    But the important thing is – what does Bud think?

  2. catena says:

    Lovely. Love the whole room.

    • cweenmj says:

      LOL That’s only one wall! I love the whole house. I guess I ought to post some pictures of the rest of things now that we have settled in. Not only do we have furniture, we have art on the walls, too!

  3. What a wonderfully Mummy-ish desk. I love it. 🙂

  4. SuburbanPrairie says:

    Beautiful! So, what will be written at that beautiful desk?

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