When we had the house inspected at the time of purchase the inspector pointed out numerous small cracks.  He said they were not a problem, but needed to be caulked to keep moisture from getting in and damaging the stucco.   I have been looking at it, and realized that if we caulked it, we would have to paint over the caulk, or our house would look like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  And matching the house paint would be problematic.  The house front, which faces north is considerably darker than the sides and back, which have faded in the sun.  And the paint is chalking.  So we thought about it and decided that if we are going to have to paint the whole house, we would change the color.   We didn’t want to have the same issue with fading again in just a few years.   And a lighter color should help keep the house a little cooler.  😀

We had to get our CDDs approval for the color change.  🙄  I went to the Sherwin Williams web site and used their cool paint-your-house thingy to ‘try out’ different color combinations and printed out our choice so the committee could see what it will look like in addition to providing them with the required paint chips.

The painters got here Monday and power washed the whole house and the driveway and sidewalk.  Then they taped off the windows and started painting.

Here are some before and during pictures.  They should finish up today.  I can’t wait to see the end result.


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5 Responses to Painting

  1. Teasel says:

    Love you color choice! Much better than the original, aifinkso.

    • cweenmj says:

      We think it’s very nice. The trim was a bit bright when it was first applied, but it looks better as it dries. And it looks much better with the new wall color than it did with the old wall color. 🙄 The walls are Navajo White ( a nice creamy white), the trim is Smokey Topaz (a rich sunny-yet-subdued orangy hue that lends a golden glow to the Navajo White) and the door is, um, I forget its name, but it is a nice warm brown.

  2. catena says:

    Love the new paint job! What’s the CCD, by the way? The homeowners association for the area?

    • cweenmj says:

      Its a Community Development District. Its like a homeowners association, but it has psuedo-governmental status and actually collects taxes. for a more detailed description:
      The “town” we live in, Wesley Chapel, isn’t really a town at all. We have no city government, police, etc. Wesley Chapel is a collection of builder-designed communities, each with their own CDD. Some communities have both CDDs and HOAs. We live in MeadowPoint II and have only a CDD. We depend on the county for utillies (water, sewer, etc) and the sherriff’s deputies for law enforcement.

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