My hard drive died.  Dead, dead, dead.  😦  the tekky at the Geek Squad said there was no way to recover any data from it.  😦  I had hoped that it was just a corrupted boot sector or something like that. *sigh*  Replacing it, and reloading Windows, and all the other software would cost around 350 -400 bucks.

So I got a new laptop!  🙂  The last time I backed up all my pictures and stuff was in May.  So I lost a bunch of pictures.  *sigh* But I had been using Google Chrome, so it had all my favorites.  YAY!!! 🙂  And I had been synching all the stuff I had done on Family Tree Maker so it is still available.  YAY!!  🙂  Just have to finish getting it all downloaded.

And I use the gmail and hotmail for my email, so nothing lost there.  Just gotta remember all my passwords for everything.  🙄

My new laptop is a Toshiba Satellite.   ooooo …… shinee!!  and fast!!  It has a wi-i-i-ide screen — seventeen inches.  Nice!!!


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9 Responses to *sigh*

  1. catena says:

    sorry to hear. glad you’re up and running w/ new equipment!

  2. poussinboi says:

    Yoor pewter did a hedd desk .. ai min disk 😯 ??

    Taht am bad lukk !! * Ai wud rekommind cloning sawftware nd yoo haz an identiclol spare yuu can yooz nekst tiem 😕 *

    Ai yooz Acronis True Image Home Recover Disk wunss a munf (boot to it, tayks 90 minutes)


  3. Mai Cween, yoo haz mai deepiss simpafeez. Shall we haz a memorial serbiss fur yur oald hard dribe? *snert* CongaLappytawps awn yur gnu masheen! 17″ screen? 😯 Dat’s bigger dan mai nawt-sekkund teebee! 😆

  4. Kitteh_Kat_Celia says:

    AI hazza pin-yata bat for yu tew uze awn yur old compooter, mai cween!

  5. nennepus says:

    ack – that sucks!
    You should look into automatic backup into the cloud! I do that with my photos – saved me from loosing all of them when my laptop got borked by a virus… I use Mozy – but there are lots of them out there!

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