New Kitty Update

Not much to report yet.  Bud is still hostile.  The new kitten is still nameless.

But the hostility has decreased from Level 5: Screaming & Hissing to Level 4: Growling & Hissing. There has been no actual physical contact with teeth or claws.  Bud has gotten fairly close and sniffed the new guy.  The kitten continues to ignore the hissing and growling and seems to be telling Bud, “hey, if you wanna be a grump that’s ok.  I’m just gonna play.”  This picture pretty much says it all.  Bud with his hackles raised and ears back and the kitten just playing it cool and not retreating, but also not threatening.

As to names, well, who was it who said “what’s the point of naming something that won’t come when you call it?”  ‘Perry’ just reminds me of Perry Como — I am soooo old.  Names in contention for the new boy include Topper, Spatz, and Corky.  Sorry to all of you suggesting other names.

He is so cute and has made himself completely at home.  He loves to snooze cuddled up next to me in my recliner.


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9 Responses to New Kitty Update

  1. Well, thank goodness for hostilities decreasing! What a cutie he is! I’m glad Bud is starting to accept him a little. I’m sure it won’t be long ’til they’re BFFs, and I look forward to seeing pictures of them snoozing all cuddled up together. As for a name, I really like Topper! Reminds me of the movie, of course, but since he’s a tuxedo kitty, it makes me think all he’s missing is his top hat. 😀 ♥

  2. Maizey says:

    OOH, wot a kyootie-patootie dat Prince-tu-bii-naymified-laytur iz! 😀 Wehn ai nawt-sekkund saw hims foto, aifotso dat teh blak smudge awn hiz tayl luks lyke it caym frum hiz left hip, wehre da wite spawt iz…lyke hii wiped hiz hip wif hiz tayl adn sum ob the blak smudged awf! 😆

    Nawt dat yu asked (butt, wehn haz dat eber stawpped mii? *tee hee*)…ai lubs teh naym Topper! Reminds mii ob dat wunnermus charaktur Cosmo Topper. Wot wuz dat yu waz saying ’bout being old? :mrgreen:

    • cweenmj says:

      When I wuz little we had a cute little black and white tuxie named Topper after the TV character Cosmo Topper. So he would actually be Topper, Jr.

  3. Teasel says:

    Topper! That is a great name…not that you asked, LOL! Reminds me of the TV show too. Glad the boys are making progress, and that the new kid is taking it all in stride…he is obviously happy to be there!

  4. dharma99 says:

    I agree – Topper is a geat name. There was a top-winning HHP in the International Cat Association a few years back whose name was Topper. And, the hostilities will cease, soon enough, and Bud will realize what fun it is to have a buddy. He’ll always be “top cat”. Congrats on the newbie!!

  5. onions and petunias says:

    I don fink teh noo kitteh will care what you call himz – as long as you don’t call himz late for noms!

  6. paws4tthot says:

    but kittehz doz cums wehn U kawlz tehm, eggcept wehn dey iz tempralee deff ob kors!

  7. gunnersmama says:

    Mebbe stikk wiff “Perry” an juss get him a liddlol cardigan swedder??

  8. peg4x4 says:

    Put the names in a hat and draw one – if you think “Well,darn,I wish it was So&so” then that’s the name..

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