By Popular Demand

Well, ok, it was only one person who asked for more about Topper.  

Topper and Bud are now BFFs.  They wrestle and chase; share the food dishes and pal around together.

Topper is an extremely boisterous kitty.  He is about 6 months old, so exuberance is expected, but he exceeds expectations.    He loves to pounce on Bud.  Bud takes it in good grace and tussles with him; both of them doing the bite, bite, bite, hug, hug, hug, kick, kick, kick routine.  Topper chases the jingley balls all through the house, and when he corners them, he will pick them up in his mouth and carry them around for a while before dropping them, batting them and the chase is on again.  He has two speeds: Full Steam Ahead, and Dead Stop.

Topper is a repeat offender on GET OFF THE TABLE! So far he has knocked down and broken a bowl, a coffee mug and the nut canister.   He will come sailing over the back of my chair and land on the laptop keyboard wreaking mayhem on whatever I am doing on the computer.  He can run from the patio door, across the back of the couch, through the kitchen and into the front room literally faster than you can track him with your eyes. 😯

I thought Bud was a playful cat.  And he is, but Topper is in a whole other league.

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14 Responses to By Popular Demand

  1. onions and petunias says:

    awwwww — it’s always tricky, bringing home a new kitty to integrate with the existing kitty routine – sounds like Topper has blended in well, and that he’s completely accepted by Bud. You’ll all have many happy, funny days together. Fank u fur teh uppydate!

  2. Teasel says:

    Yay! Thanks for the update. Nothing like a wild kitteh to liven up a home…just proves how happy he is that he picked you to adopt him! That goes for lucky Bud, too.

  3. Teasel says:

    P.S. Love your rug!

  4. peg4x4 says:

    Do not give him any ‘nip!!!
    Glad they’re getting along. Lucy and Mitz still don’t like each other.. and they’ve been together since they were 8 weeks old! They’re almost 13!

  5. A Biker Too says:

    Ebbree Keow reeaykts ae liddl deuffrntlee tew ae “staeraynjjr”, fahrchunutlee dey awr aedayptaebul tew awl ob menny dyffreunt sytz….. siytz….. keundysheunnz adn ayz yew sed dey izz BBF, saoundz laiyuk Bud habs ae neu aoutleukk awn laiyf, adn izz iinjoiyun iyut ebbun moar!!

  6. poussinboi says:

    Awww, such fun !!

    ** Wisspurrs: wy aren’t ai seeing teh smilies, duz yu kno, pleez ?? **

  7. cweenmj says:

    I turned it off and back on and the shock worked. but I tried deh wink in all three uv itz itterations and no joy. so i went tu deh WP halp page dat showz deh smilies and copied deh graphic and inserted it. 🙄 it reely shudn’t b dat complicated.

  8. Catsablanca says:

    Awww, so glad things worked out! I’m sure Bud is happy to have Topper to play with, too. Teh Roylol Kittehs!!

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