How I Spent the Last 24 Hours

Last night I was sitting at the kitchen table painting a little plaster Christmas village.  When I stood up, my right foot managed to somehow get tangled with the chair leg or the table leg and I fell, knocking another chair over.  Richard had already gone to bed, but he looked out toward the kitchen and saw me on the floor.  He came and helped me up.  My ankle was very tender and it got all swollen and bruised.

This morning he went to the drug store and got me an Ace bandage and a pair of crutches.  I got an appointment to see my doctor at 10. Richard took me and Dad to the Doctor’s office.   She poked at my ankle here (ouch!) and there (ouch!) and said the ouch on the outside of the ankle was the tendon and the ouch on the inside of the ankle was the bone. :( That did not make me happy.

She prescribed an X-ray and a splint.  So off we went to the brand new hospital in Wesley Chapel.  It is all shiny and pretty, it just opened last month.  The X-ray confirmed that while the tendon on the outside of the ankle is sprained, the little bone that is just under the skin on the inside of my ankle is chipped.  :( My doctor will call me and get me an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.   After a quick lunch at home we went to the medical supply store to get the splint.  The tech said that since the bone is broken, I need a boot.  :-P So now I have the lovely orthopedic padded and velcroed boot for my owie foot.   Bah, Humbug!!!!


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16 Responses to How I Spent the Last 24 Hours

  1. poussinboi says:

    Ouch, Ouch and Ouch 😯 !
    Take good care of yourself, MJ,
    * coz yoo nebber know wots a foot *

    {{{{{ CweenMJ }}}}}

  2. Rae says:

    {{{{Cween}}}}} i hope all teh bois is taking caer uv yew!

  3. catena says:

    Pleiz NAWT tu be duen dis!
    Sinz iz tu laet, heel(!) awp wifakwiknuss!!!

  4. Catsablanca says:

    O.mai.gudness, mai Cween! U shooda cawled mii….Ai haz lotsa eggsperience at fall-fixings (snerk). U adn OCM adn Ai shuld form owr own groop!
    Taek it e-z, du teh eggzersizes Dr. Tinycat adn teh fizziklol ferapist gib u, eben wehn tehy hurtz adn ur tyred….it reelee speedz up teh heeling prosess.

    • cweenmj says:

      I haz sprayned mai left anklol twice. I guess deh rite anklol thot it wuz time it got sum attention. 🙄

      • Catsablanca says:

        Owie! You really are in the same league as Meredith & I are. I discovered that recovering from my sprained ankle was much more difficult than from my broken arm (and having both at the same time didn’t help, either). Now don’t go tripping over the kittehs!

  5. A Biker Too says:

    Heeyullun BEEMZ tew yew cween, izz taiyum tew maeyuk teh Keows iyun tew yeur waiyteurz, dey wud baryng yew awl teh steuffeez yew kneaydz freu deh dae, nais cuppa tee, sum liddl taeysttee CAEKZ!!, adn teh krawsweurd puzzl wiff alla deh paiyunt adn Kryssmeuss Billyjjs yew habs tew payunt, dey izz weurkkn foar dere feuddz naow!! {{{{{cweenmj}}}}}
    Heeylun BEEMZ>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Mennee Beemz foar yew, staweurt ae neu faysheun tareynd, gyt anuvvr beut foar deh uvver feut adn stawrt sumpyn ebbreewun wud wuntz tew jaoiyun wiff yew, bee faeymeous wiff dys kreeyaisheun, izza hoel neu kaereeyur, aifinkso!!

  6. damommza says:

    OH NOES!!! (adn toes) Heel (stowlin frum Catena) wifakwikness!! {{{{{{{{{cweenmj}}}}}}}}}

  7. onions and petunias says:

    Heeling beemz, MJ! My goodness – getting an injury is nuffin we ebber plan on, dat’s fur sure! Take care!

  8. gunnersmama says:

    Teh royal fut am borked? O, teh huge manatee! Let teh menz (King Richard an teh boiz) wate awn yu paw an hoofie!! VLC beemz ub heelin an komfortz frum mii an myne tu yu!
    Wii knead ar cween in wun peese!

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