Topper Redecorates

Topper thinks he is one of the Flying Walendas.  To Topper, the house is a playground filled with kitty-toys.   A few weeks ago he leapt from the end table to the coffee bar.  His landing was less than perfect and he knocked a mug tree down, breaking several of the mugs I had collected on our travels and thoroughly irritating me.

Since then I have been scouting around for something to safely hold my remaining mugs.  Today, I found a cool green cupboard that looks just right.  And, of course, Topper had to check it out.

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Whadaya think?


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18 Responses to Topper Redecorates

  1. poussinboi says:

    Bad kitty!

    (Kidding 😉 )

    For some reason mine doesn’t jump up on anything inside the house so lucky me. No idea why as all my previous cats did.

  2. cweenmj says:

    Topper haz mennee namez:
    Git Down!
    Klutz 🙄

  3. Cowdogwah says:

    luuks saif adn sekkuir (Toppah can figgur it awt, hims finding a weigh) fur noa. 😀

  4. Your baby looks just like Mr. Mistoffelees from the Cats musical, my queen. Of course, that could just be the music geek in me shining through again. XD

    He’s a beautiful boy, by the pictures you’ve shared, by the way.

    Bad kitteh! Mawm doesn’t aproov! 😀

  5. SuburbanPrairie says:

    Gibs him thyme… him will figyur owt a weigh to chanjify it. 😉

  6. abikertoo says:

    Heez iyun teurrbyl teeruyubblz iyuff hee knawkkz dayut wun oebeur, iyut leukkz steurdee enuff tew hoeyld eup tew hym doe.
    Keows gytz teh “kyttee kraeyzees” seumtaiyumz, Feisttybutt wyll jeumpp eup onna peuttr deysk adn reunn aekrawss iyut azz fayust azz shee kayun adn leeyup offut inna aeyur adn reunn alla wae bayuk inna beyud rheum, fiyub mynnutz laeyddeur shee duzz iyut aegaeyun, Keows laiyuk tew habs feunn!!

  7. muchcat says:

    Dat griin cabbinet am de byootiful!! Adn dat Topper not bad-lukking eever!

  8. Teasel says:

    Both Topper and the cabinet are lovely…but Topper is more fun!

  9. onleekitteh says:

    *OK puts on hur bestest Dr. Phil face adn says tu Topper: Whut were you finking?*

    Ai likes da cabinet. Topper izza ‘wild child’ – maybe a ‘hippie’ in hiz former life.

    Even though the mugs were broken, maybe they can be put back together and put for display but not used?

    • cweenmj says:

      only wun wuz salvageable — the one I got in Scotland 30 sum yrz ago. The others were nothing but shards. Lost mugz included the pretty mug that I got at Red Wing Pottery. *sigh* The cabinet is nice, and I wouldn’t have gotten it if Topper hadn’t crashed into the mug tree. But still……

  10. gunnersmama says:

    Topper am finkin..hmmm dis green fing cud being moar ub a challinj den the udder holder, butt nawt tu wurry kin figgering it owt ebenchewlee.

  11. onions and petunias says:

    Umfortunately, kittehs do not come wif resumes …. we don’t know whut they’re gonna do until they come to live with us.

    My cween, I live in earfquake country, and we use something called something like “museum putty” (not sure, but you might goggle it) to stick things down so they won’t fall over in an earthquake. Maybe a little on the bottoms of your mugs, so if Topper decides to bat-bat-bat them, they won’t fall over.

  12. Catsablanca says:

    Topper adn Ai approovez ov teh grene cubbard.

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