Morning Walk

I take Bud for a stroll every morning.  Yes, EVERY morning.  He pesters me mercilessly if he hasn’t had his walk by 9:30.    Most days he walks around the pond out back.  But sometimes, like today, he goes out front and down the street.  A conservation area abuts the street about a quarter of a mile down the road.  Here is what we saw this morning.

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A little research online tells me this is a yellow rat snake. It is non-venomous and dines on rats, squirrels and other rodents.

And for those of you who are suffering from Bud withdrawal, here he is, enjoying the conservation area.

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7 Responses to Morning Walk

  1. poussinboi says:

    Attaboy, Bud 😀

    Lucky you, MJ, to have seen and photographed that beautiful snake!

  2. noodle says:

    ohai mai cween. dat bud am 1 luky boi. duz u plan 2 ask topper 2 lern 2 walk on a leesh? pj wuz up onda computr desk an iz shakin hiz hed at da budster. knot shur iffin pj wishez 2 join bud oar iz embarrassed 4 awl katz ebbriwear. den jessica pointed awt da bud wuz walkin da cween, knot da cween walkin da cween. sew awl objec chunz r retracted.
    hao b u, ur richard and ur dad?
    starz knot sew gud butt iz inna gud, gud place. eben da director ob nursin seyz dat once inna wile, a resident touchez hur hart. an star am 1.
    later mai friend, frum ur subjunctified suspectified subject,

  3. Bud’s personality — it really comes out in the photos — no way to hide it, Bud! And Topper, too!

  4. Catsablanca says:

    Awww, in wun ov doze pixors Bud wooks wike a widdle kitten.

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