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I’ve been playing with my ancestors some more on  Here is some of what I have found.

When I got my DNA results I was slightly surprised to find my ethnicity included 15% Scandanavian.  I think I have found where that comes from, at least in part.  On Dad’s side I have traced a line back to the Orkney Isles in the tenth and eleventh centuries and found ancestors with names like Sigurd Hlodversson and Ostrida Regenwaldsdatter (who was born in Sweden) and Thorfinn I Rollo (Brico) “Hausakliffer” (Skull-Splitter) (Earl of Orkney) Einarsson.  I kinda like the sound of “Hausakliffer.”  

Sir Alastair Gordon-Cumming

And on Mom’s side I have finally got the Cummings line back to Altyre, Scotland.  I found Thomas Cumin, my 15th great grandfather, born in Altyre in 1439.    There is still a Cummings of Altyre in residence at the family estate.   I can see the family resemblance — Sir Alastair has a very ‘cousinly’ look to him.

So far my earliest supposed ancestor is on Dad’s side.  I say supposed ancestor because when we get this far back we are dealing mainly with myths and legends.  Facts are few and far between.  Anyway, this ancient forefather is Beli Mawr, born 110 BC in Great Britain (62nd Great Grandfather).  According to Wikipedia, Beli Mawr (translated into English as Beli the Great) was an ancestor figure in medieval Welsh literature and genealogies. He is the father of CaswallawnArianrhodLludd Llaw EraintLlefelys, and Afallach.  Several royal lines in medieval Wales traced their ancestry to him.


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  1. jamamakittyj says:

    i like the Regenwaldsdatter !! what a mouthfull… maybe i’ll do the DNA thing sometime… what do you have to do for that? if you reply via email i should get it… not sure about from here… altho i mite

  2. catena says:

    Wow! I had no idea you could trace things back that far.

  3. Well, we’ve been researching my family tree for a while now and turns out, on my mom’s side of the family, I’m related to a pirate, and on my dad’s side of the family, Thomas Jefferson’s aunt. Dunno weather to be appalled or excited. LOL

    So manee diffurent tings u learnses about your famiblee!

  4. OnleeKitteh says:

    cween: You know what the “sdattar” means? It’s Ostrida daughter of Regenwald. There can also be “dottir” and a few other variations, but it all means “daughter of”. I learned that from my Norwegian ancestry.
    No pirates, no royals in any of my lines. The closest I get to “royalty” is one of my Norwegian ancestors had a large farm in an area where the king would travel through and hold court/judgements in the 1400/1500’s and into, I think, the 1700’s. The farm is still in the family. However, that side (both paternal & maternal sides of my mother) there are some serious Vikings.

    As for pirates, well, to at least some members of my paternal grandmother’s family we have one. John C. Calhoun is an uncle and he’s not “well thought of” in some Calhoun groups. Which is a polite way of saying “he was no good”. Both of my paternal lines can’t be legitimately confirmed to Scotland and Ireland before the early 1700’s.

  5. Catsablanca says:

    How exciting! My sister found Byrne gravestones in County Wicklow, Ireland, but we have no idea how (or if) we’re related. Me > Mom > Grandma Virginia Byrne > Scallywag Irish father who wasn’t around long. Paternal side: Me > Daddy > Grandma Delia McKeithan > *see Scallywag above.* Hmmmm, I see a pattern here.

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